Steven Parnes
Dr. Steven Parnes Dentist
Steven G Parnes, DDS 5064 Nandina Lane Suite D
Dunwoody Professional Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
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Dr. Steven Parnes We are a private practice in Atlanta Georgia since 1972. Prior to that Steven G. Parnes DDS was a dentist with a rank of Captain in the United States Air Force. We are a very caring, small practice which allows individualized attention to each patient. When you visit our office, your smile is our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. We file with most insurances. Why Us? We are family practice We treat adults and children Our fac… read more »
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Wednesday, Sep 25th by Anonymous in Atlanta, GA
Very generous staff that is willing to go out of their way to help clients - specifically Linda. Highly recommended for cost and quality!

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Services Offered
  • Bridge
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Dental Consultation
  • Dental Crown
  • Dental Emergency
  • Fillings
  • Partials
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Root Canal
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Veneers
  • Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry
  • English
  • Portuguese
Awards & Memberships
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Insurance Affiliation
  • AARP Medicare Advantage PPO
  • Aetna Affordable Health Choices limited benefits insurance plan
  • Aetna Basic HMO
  • Aetna Choice POS (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aetna Choice POS II (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aetna Choice¨ POS (Open Access)
  • Aetna Choice¨ POS II (Open Access)
  • Aetna Golden Choice Plan (PPO)
  • Aetna Golden Medicare Plan (HMO)
  • Aetna Health Network Only (Open Access)
  • Aetna Health Network Option (Open Access)
  • Aetna HealthFund¨ Aetna Choice¨ POS
  • Aetna HealthFund¨ Aetna Health Network Only (Open Access)
  • Aetna HealthFund¨ Aetna Health Network Option (Open Access)
  • Aetna HealthFund¨ HMO
  • Aetna HealthFund¨ Open Access Aetna Select?
  • Aetna HealthFund¨ Open Access POS II
  • Aetna Medicare Open (Private Fee-for-Service)
  • Aetna Medicare Plan (HMO/Open Access HMO)
  • Aetna Medicare Plan (PPO)
  • Aetna Medicare Select (HMO)
  • Aetna Medicare Special Needs
  • Aetna Open Access Elect Choice¨ EPO (Aetna Health Fund)
  • Aetna Open Access Managed Choice¨ POS (Aetna Health Fund)
  • Aetna Open Access¨ HMO
  • Aetna Select (Open Access)
  • Aetna Select?
  • Aetna Value Network HMO
  • Aetna Vision
  • Aetna Whole Health - Aurora Accountable Care Network
  • Aetna Whole Health - Banner Health Network HMO
  • Aetna Whole Health - Banner Health OAMC
  • Aetna Whole Health - MW Comm. Health Solutions
  • Aetna Workers' Comp Access
  • Aexcel Aetna Select
  • Aexcel Aetna Select (Open Access)
  • Aexcel Choice POS II
  • Aexcel Choice POS II (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Elect Choice EPO
  • Aexcel Elect Choice EPO (Open Access)
  • Aexcel Managed Choice POS
  • Aexcel Managed Choice POS (Open Access)
  • Aexcel Open Access Aetna Select (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Open Access Elect Choice (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Open Access Managed Choice POS (HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Plus Aetna Select
  • Aexcel Plus Aetna Select (Open Access)
  • Aexcel Plus Choice POS II
  • Aexcel Plus Choice POS II (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Plus Elect Choice EPO
  • Aexcel Plus Elect Choice EPO (Open Access)
  • Aexcel Plus Managed Choice POS
  • Aexcel Plus Managed Choice POS (Open Access)
  • Aexcel Plus Open Access Aetna Select (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Plus Open Access Elect Choice (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Plus Open Access Managed Choice POS (HealthFund)
  • Aexcel Plus PPO
  • Aexcel Plus PPO (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Aexcel PPO
  • Aexcel PPO (Aetna HealthFund)
  • Affordable Health Choices
  • Behavioral Healthcare Program
  • Better Health
  • Better Health Kids Pennsylvania
  • Elect Choice EPO (Open Access)
  • Elect Choice¨ (EPO)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • HCA Well Care (Level 3)
  • HCA Well Care (Levels 1 & 2)
  • Healthy New York HMO
  • HMO
  • HMO (Open Access)
  • HMO Deductible Plan
  • HMO Deductible Plan (CA members only)
  • LM Healthworks
  • Managed Choice Open Access
  • Managed Choice¨ (POS)
  • Managed Choice¨ POS (Open Access)
  • Medicare Plan (HMO / Open Access HMO)
  • Medicare Plan (PPO)
  • National Advantage Program
  • New York Certified PPO (Workers' Comp)
  • New York Recommendation of Care PPO (Workers' Comp)
  • NYC Community Plan
  • Open Access Aetna Select (Aetna Health Fund)
  • Open Choice¨ (PPO)
  • Open Choice¨ PPO (Aetna Health Fund)
  • PCP Referral Plan (TX only)
  • Preventative and Hospital Care 3000
  • Quality Point-of-Service¨ (QPOS¨)
  • Savings Plus of Arizona
  • Savings Plus of Chicago, IL
  • Savings Plus of Florida (Brevard and Tampa)
  • Savings Plus of Lake County, OH
  • Savings Plus of New Jersey
  • Savings Plus of Oklahoma
  • Savings Plus of Texas
  • Signature Administrators
  • Student Health Plans
  • Texas CHIP
  • Texas STAR (Medicaid)
  • Texas Workers Compensation Health Care Network
  • Traditional Choice¨ Indemnity
  • TRS-Care Networks
  • Vitalidad Mexico con Aetna
  • Vitalidad Plus California con Aetna
  • Volunteer Plan
  • PPO Plan
  • Anthem Medicare Preferred
  • Blue Access PPO
  • Blue View Vision, Anthem Vision and Anthem Blue Vision
  • California: 51-99 Employee Elect
  • California: Advantage HMO
  • California: Behavioral Health Network
  • California: Blue Cross HMO (CaliforniaCare)
  • California: Blue Cross POS - HMO Network
  • California: Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer)
  • California: Blue Cross Senior Secure Medicare HMO I
  • California: Medicare Supplement
  • California: Select HMO
  • California: Select PPO
  • Connecticut: BlueCare Family Plan
  • Connecticut: BlueCare Health Plan
  • Connecticut: Century Preferred
  • Connecticut: PPO USA
  • Connecticut: State BlueCare with Expanded Network
  • Connecticut: State Preferred
  • Connecticut: The Connecticut Coalition
  • Connecticut: Tri-State Teamsters
  • Empire Direct HMO
  • Empire Direct POS
  • Empire Direct Share POS
  • Federal Employee Program - Basic/Standard Option
  • Lumenos Plans
  • MedBlue? HMO
  • Nevada: Anthem Medicare Preferred Core
  • Premier PPO
  • SmartSense Plus
  • Tonik
  • Traditional
  • Traditional Indemnity
  • Virginia Advantage
  • Virginia Basic
  • Virginia Select
  • Virginia Standard
  • Virginia: Anthem HealthKeepers (HealthKeepers, Inc. - HMO)
  • Virginia: Anthem HealthKeepers Plus
  • Virginia: Anthem KeyCare (PPO)
  • Virginia: Anthem KeyCare POS
  • Virginia: Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Virginia: Commonwealth of Virginia - HDHP
  • Virginia: Conversion (Participating)
  • Virginia: CoreShare
  • Virginia: Essential KeyCare
  • Virginia: Healthy Virginian
  • Virginia: Individual Basic BlueCare (Participating)
  • Virginia: Individual Basic KeyCare (PPO)
  • Virginia: Individual KeyCare (PPO)
  • Virginia: Individual KeyCare Preferred (PPO)
  • Virginia: KeyCare Flexible Choice
  • Virginia: KeyCare Healthsmart
  • Virginia: Option 1 or Option 2 (Participating)
  • Virginia: Short Option
  • Virginia: Standard 1 or Standard 2
  • Virginia: The Local Choice - HDHP
  • Virginia: The Local Choice - Key Advantage
  • Medicare Advantage
  • BlueCard Traditional
  • Blue Direct HMO
  • Blue Direct POS
  • Blue Essential Open Access POS
  • Blue Essential OpenAccess HMO
  • Blue Essential PPO
  • Blue Open Access HMO
  • Blue Open Access POS
  • Blue View Vision
  • Blue View Vision Insight
  • Blue View Vision Select
  • BlueChoice Healthcare Plan (HMO)
  • BlueChoice Option (POS)
  • BlueChoice PPO (with BlueCard PPO)
  • BlueChoice Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Care POS Plan
  • Care PPO Plan
  • Careington HIP
  • Dental and Vision
  • Behavioral Health
  • Choice Fund Open Access Plus
  • Choice Fund Open Access Plus with CareLink
  • Choice Fund PPO
  • EPO
  • FL Health Savings
  • FL Open Access
  • FL Open Access Value
  • Health Savings
  • HMO
  • HMO - Northern California
  • HMO - Northern California Open Access
  • HMO - Southern California
  • HMO - Southern California Open Access
  • HMO Open Access
  • Indemnity
  • LocalPlus
  • Medicare Access
  • Medicare Select (HMO)
  • Network
  • Network - Northern California
  • Network - Northern California Open Access
  • Network - Southern California
  • Network - Southern California Open Access
  • Network Open Access
  • Network POS
  • Open Access Plan
  • Open Access Plus ONLY
  • Open Access Plus/CareLink
  • POS
  • POS - Northern California
  • POS - Northern California Open Access
  • POS - Southern California
  • POS - Southern California Open Access
  • POS Open Access
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Vision PPO
  • Workers' Compensation
  • PPO
  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier
  • Delta Dental PPO Value Plan
  • Delta Dental Premier
  • Dental for Everyone Gold Plan
  • Individual PPO
  • BlueDental Care Prepaid
  • BlueDental Choice and Choice Plus PPO
  • BlueDental Choice Copayment PPO
  • BlueMedicare HMO - Dental
  • BlueOptions Health and Dental - Dental
  • BlueOptions Hospital Surgical Plus
  • BlueSelect Hospital Surgical Plus
  • Cosmetic Dental Discount Program
  • Cover Florida
  • Florida Combined Life Dental
  • GoBlue
  • Miami-Dade Blue
  • Orthodontic Discount Program
  • ChoiceGuard / Healthy Directions
  • Davis Vision
  • OpenAccess
  • PPO
  • VSP
  • Autograph
  • Choice POS
  • Condell Custom PPO
  • Contact Behavioral Health
  • COT National POS - Open Access
  • CoverageFirst
  • EPO PPO Open Access
  • GE Health Care Preferred
  • Group Medicare HMO
  • Group Medicare PPO
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • High Deductible Health Plan
  • HMO Premier
  • HMO Select
  • Hospira Premier HMO Illinois
  • Humana Classic
  • Humana Family (Florida Medicaid)
  • Humana Gold Choice PFFS
  • Humana Gold Plus HMO (Medicare)
  • Humana Preferred Kroger Lou
  • Humana Preferred PPO
  • Humana Reader's Digest Healthy Living Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Humana/ChoiceCare Network PPO
  • Humana/ChoiceCare+ Network PPO
  • HumanaAccess?
  • HumanaChoice (PPO)
  • HumanaChoicePPO (Medicare PPO)
  • HumanaOne¨
  • HumanaPPO
  • HumanaPreferred POS-OpenAccess
  • IllinoisPlatinumHMO
  • IPA
  • LifeSynch
  • Medicare
  • Mental Health (MHNet)
  • Monogram Total Plus Rx
  • National EPO
  • National HMO
  • National POS - Open Access
  • National POS - Open Access Plus
  • P&G National POS
  • Personal Care Account PPO
  • Point of Service
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • PsychCare
  • RHS Provider Network
  • Saint Joseph Hospital NPOS
  • St Vincents Health System
  • US Bank
  • UT HMO
  • Vision Care Plan (VCP)
  • DentalConnect PPO
  • MetLife Vision PPO
  • Safeguard Vision
  • Indemnity
  • PPO
  • Active Duty Dental Program
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