About Us

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DocsNearYou is an online and mobile directory that allows folks to find doctors in a smarter and more time effective way. DocsNearYou is about solving an age-old problem: where can you go to find qualified medical and dental professionals that take your insurance, provide the service you need, and have available appointment times to fit your schedule. At DocsNearYou, we've designed a revolutionary database that matches doctors with your exact specifications. No more wasted time and a lot of satisfaction are a few clicks away.

It was a cold evening in February of 2008 ...

Our founder moved to a metropolitan city and was working hard to get attuned to his new surroundings. Like everyone else, he needed a new dentist, a new family medicine practicioner, and more. The first resource he thought of was the phone directory. As you can imagine, after dusting off the latest edition, he quickly realized that the listings were old, lacked tons of information, and was overall ineffective. His next resource was word of mouth. He got a ton more info on doctors but no variety. As his last resort, he went to major search engines and after visiting close to 20 dental websites, he finally found a dentist that met his needs. After thinking about how arguous the process was he decided to develop an online directory that helped consumers find doctors in one place with insurance info, patient reviews, and more. He purchased the domain name, the precursor to DocsNearYou. And the rest is, as they say, history!